Let’s Start this

Yes, this is my five millionth time starting a blog. I love starting blogs writing three posts and abandoning them. Let’s see how many I get through here. I’m a writer making a living-ish with my two kids, we are adopting another. On diva is almost a teenager, one is a bipolar tween with ADHD and we will be having a toddler. A teen a tween and a toddler…with a little mental illness and a lot of attitude, drama is my life. So I have pithy things to say, but I can’t be bothered right now cause I’m trying to bang out 5K words on my sparkly new Paranomal Romance, Dark Angel, Series book 1…yeah. It will be the first Azriel Hope book….make it rain baby. (and I don’t the wet kind)

Since I need to get back to work, I’ll leave you with a webcam of wildlife in Africa (Since the song Africa 2.0 is so popular again.) You’re welcome.


At the moment I’m seeing some hippo fun at the watering hole….yep oh the distractions.

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